Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kilimanjaro Preparation: Yellow Fever

Tanzania is on the WHO list of Yellow Fever Endemic countries. Zanzibar is "safe". Moshi or Arusha is iffy.

If you are from the United States or UK (yellow fever free zones) you can theoretically enter Tanzania with no layover or recent trip to another yellow fever endemic area, you can "legally" enter Tanzania without a yellow fever certificate.

If you are only going to arrive at JRO and go straight to your hotel, then straight to Kili, then from Kili straight to your hotel, then straight back to JRO, you "probably" won't need it, according to the International Travel Health Doctor at the University of Utah.

But if you're going to do a safari, or hang out at the hotel for more than a day either side of your climb, it's probably better to get it.

Potential side effects include "mild flu-like symptoms" which I can attest to includes aches and pains and intestinal complaints that actually can impact your training. I heartily recommend getting it early in your training, at least two months before you head to Tanzania.

Not like I did and get it 11 days prior.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kilimanjaro Preparation - Clothing Top

Again, from the last post, I'm climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa, at over 19,000' it will be my personal high point.

For the top of my body, my clothing selection is:

1) patagonia t-shirt. works good.
2) smartwool midweight zip mock turtle
3) Vuade softshell. got it in Germany. Seems more for aerobic sports.
4) montbell micropuff - they don't sell it here, got it online clearance (this one has fleece panels under the arms)
5) montbell midweight parka (clearance montbell website)
6) solomon polarloft jacket (clearance steepandcheap - giveaway)
7) rei waterproof parka - about 10 years old (giveaway)

also, seen is a tourist "moab" fleece vest (giveaway)

1) 2 buffs
2) cloudveil fleece balaclava
3) TNF windblock fleece cap
4) TNF nylon baseball cap

1) OR polarfleece gloves with reflective panels (great in the tent at night)
2) OR wool/fleece blend gloves (my new favorite)
3) OR gore mitts w/ OR 300 weight fleece liners (and #1 fits inside as well)

Is so many thin layers of micropuffy a luxury?

Kilimanjaro Preparation - Clothing Bottom

Planning for Kili and having looked at several gear lists, I came up with the following combination for bottom layering:

1) patagonia briefs - 3 pair
2) smartwool midweight base layer
3) alpine designs fleece pants (clearance at Gart)
4) rei mistral schoeller pants
4a) black diamond "hex" belt (clearance gearexpress)
5) montbell waterproof pants (clearance at mountainworks provo)

I also have a pair of montbell puffy pants that I might take (clearance on the montbell website).

for feet:

3 pair silver thread liner socks
3 pair REI expedition wool socks
1 pair vasgue trail runners (clearance rei)
1 pair scarpa charmoz boot

luxury item: fleece socks for camp/sleeping

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Extra-Ordinary Mom Goal0 Video Contest Finalist

Angie is a finalist with Goal0's video contest "What Powers Me?" with her "Extra-Ordinary Mom" video.

Take a look:

Click to see What Powers Me Video Contest.

Please vote by adding it to your Favorites (click the favorites button) and rating it (click the 5th star please).

Enjoy the video, some of which was shot in Utah, some on Mt. Rainier, some by the condo in Colorado, and shows some of the adventurous things you can do as a mom with a spirit of adventure.