Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to the Gym at Momentum Climbing in Sandy Utah

It's been great to get back to feeling good. After all the stress of the Summer and Fall, after all the death and illness, after all the traveling, it's been good to get back to the gym.

Last Saturday we got to Momentum and climbed. Of course, like I've said a dozen or more times, the routesetters there are too lame in the 5.9 and under range, and sure enough, I did a 5.6 that totally sucked, and a 5.8 that totally sucked, but then I decided to do a SoIll 5.10a for kickes. I managed to onsite it with lots of good rests. I was amazed. DW got in some great climbing as well, working her way back into the 11's where she belongs, even though it's been about 2 months since we've climbed.

Tonight (Monday, Nov 30) we managed to get back again, and this time I did a really pumpy 5.7 on the curvy front wall, and it totally got my fingers tired. Then I got on a 5.10a SoIll route by a different setter, and got pumped about halfway up and couldn't get my heart rate down by hanging, so I came down. I then got on a really slopey 5.10a on the short arete and actually really liked it up to about 2/3 of the way up. I worked that crux hard, and stuck it, but then came down, wasted for the night. Angie got on it, but she'd been working a really crimpy 5.12a so she was pretty pumped and shook out a lot on the way up, but she did really good. It's cool to think she's working a 12. Awesome.

Anyway, just have to not take the lower rated routes seriously, keep a good attitude, and get all those 10's out of the way.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Light Saber Lobotomy

Awesome irony.

A couple neighbor kids have been bragging about the fully functional lightsabers they're building and our boys asked me about it and I explained that no reasonable interpretation of existing physics would allow for such a thing and explained why.

HOW TO BUILD A LIGHTSABER THAT WORKS note: 1) reference to very large power supply 2) reference to rocket engine style power supply 3) reference to Mr. Fusion style power supply 4) reference to magnetic interference ie: speaker magnet disrupting plasma field.

The boys of course needed to share that with their friends and the response they got?

"Your dad is dumb. He doesn't know anything."

That hurt the boys feelings pretty bad. Me? I've been called worse by better people, but you have to love the solid belief in fantasy at that age.

I won't discount it completely though, notice I said "existing" physics. If you apply Moore's Law to Lightsaber Construction, we're about 300 years out.

IF there is any reason to build one besides proving it's possible. I mean, a relative handful of clone troopers wiped the galaxy clean of Jedi assisted by a couple Sith. Just because you're packing a lightsaber doesn't make you invincible. Nor does pseudo-mystical power. Even Yoda cowered in self-imposed exile in a dank swamp after confronting one single sith with lightning and teleporting skilz.