Kilimanjaro Preparation - Clothing Top

Again, from the last post, I'm climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa, at over 19,000' it will be my personal high point.

For the top of my body, my clothing selection is:

1) patagonia t-shirt. works good.
2) smartwool midweight zip mock turtle
3) Vuade softshell. got it in Germany. Seems more for aerobic sports.
4) montbell micropuff - they don't sell it here, got it online clearance (this one has fleece panels under the arms)
5) montbell midweight parka (clearance montbell website)
6) solomon polarloft jacket (clearance steepandcheap - giveaway)
7) rei waterproof parka - about 10 years old (giveaway)

also, seen is a tourist "moab" fleece vest (giveaway)

1) 2 buffs
2) cloudveil fleece balaclava
3) TNF windblock fleece cap
4) TNF nylon baseball cap

1) OR polarfleece gloves with reflective panels (great in the tent at night)
2) OR wool/fleece blend gloves (my new favorite)
3) OR gore mitts w/ OR 300 weight fleece liners (and #1 fits inside as well)

Is so many thin layers of micropuffy a luxury?