Stairmaster Workout - Stepmill Calculator

This is a Stairmaster Workout Stepmill Calculator I have been using for a couple of years now for my Elbrus Race training. I also use it for training for my speed ascents on Colorado 14'ers and Utah Wasatch Front peaks.

UPDATE: I recently rewrote this to output data similar to the Incline Treadmill Calculator. I want it to work better with my "Couch to Colorado 14er" Training Program, due out in Mid-March. For the Journaling system I suggest consistency when you log your training sessions. MORE INFO - 22 February 2014

Stairmaster Workout - Stepmill Calculator

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This Stairmaster Workout Stepmill Calculator will automatically highlight your results, so copy it to your clipboard and then paste into your own workout tracking software, or blog, or journal. Remember, if you can't measure and track it you can't manage it to the best of your ability.
Stairmaster Workout

Stairmaster Workouts:

I prefer simple, basic, Manual Program sessions when possible. There are some variations between models. Some allow you to start with simple Level Settings. Others allow you to manually enter your Steps Per Minute. In either case, a few minutes of messing around will let you find out which settings match your current level of fitness. Mine does Steps Per Minute, so I'll use that for these programs.

Beginner Stairmaster Workout

Set the Stepmill for 20 minutes at 25 steps/minute. After about 5 minutes bump it up to 30. Try to go up 5 steps/minute every 5 minutes until your heart rate exceeds your 80% level. If that doesn't happen, in the next workout start at 30 and work your way up. Keep going up until you end with 5 minutes in your 80% heart rate zone.

Intermediate Stairmaster Workout

Set the Stepmill for 40 minutes at 50 steps/minute. Your goal is to keep your heart rate in the 75-85% zone. Adjust the steps/minute up or down to accommodate this zone. It's not a contest to see who has the highest heart rate or the fastest steps/minute. Stay in that intermediate zone for the entire 40 minutes. This is a great cardio workout.

Advanced Stairmaster Workout

One: set the Stepmill for 24 minutes at 120 steps/minute. Enjoy the ride. This is similar to doing the famous Manitou Springs Incline, 2,000' of vertical, in 24 minutes. That's a really good result for that classic hill climb. If you want more info on the Incline [SITE ONE] [SITE TWO]

Two: Interval Stairmaster Workout: Use the Interval Workout Function to program in 120 steps/min for 3 minutes and 75 steps/minute for 2 minutes, and have that repeat 12 times. That's a great one hour interval workout.

NOTE: If your own Stairmaster Workout doesn't use a set static constant steps/minute the Workout Report screen at the end will tell you your Average Steps Per Minute. Use that number in the calculator above.

Stairmaster Workout Disclaimer: don't get hurt. It's pretty easy to fall off a Stepmill, and if you go off the back, expect to fall a couple of feet, much more than you would off a treadmill. Make sure a qualified professional has cleared you to use a Stepmill. Be careful.