Lemonade the old-fashioned way

A long time ago we got a citrus press and used it to make orange juice out of those baby "clementines" oranges. My youngest daughter got a total kick out of it, and it's been our little daddy-daughter activity ever since.

While I was working in Utah my wife grabbed a bag of lemons as a surprise for us to make lemonade while she was in Ohio for "Skate for Hope", a breast cancer charity ice skating event in which she's a figure skater. I was happy, since it's our little thing to do while mom is gone, but I remembered we'd taken the citrus press to Utah and left it there.

I went to Target in Silverthorne and got a new one, actually a lot better than the old one, with a much beefier frame. Tonight I halved 7 lemons and let her squeeze them. She was able to really crank now that she's 6 and a good rock climber and gymnast, so she's really strong.

I poured some into a cup and she gulped it down, loving it fresh off the lemon. The boys however found it to be a bit strong. I mixed in a quart of water, and it was still too strong, so then I added in 1/3 cup of sugar. Not the best, but a lot less sugar than in the bottled lemonade. I tried some and it was still good and tart and acid tasting.

Like sneaking the carrot into the smoothie one night, the sugar is one of those things that you can reduce slowly till you don't add any at all, hopefully without anyone the wiser.

Do you have a favorite special do-it-yourself food you love to make with your children or family? Do you trick your kids into healthier meals slowly and gently? Let me know.