Training the Vertical K on Incline Treadmill

This morning I got on the incline treadmill to test out training for the Vertical K (ARTICLE HERE) and it went quite well overall. I set a target of 24% and aimed to do 2.6 miles in 60:00 minutes. I wore my New Balance MT10 minimalist shoes to strengthen my feet. I set up my Kindle with X-Files on it, to amuse myself as I walked up the steep slope. I think my heart rate never got above 120 BPM, which is quite low for me. I also had to keep my hands lightly on the handles, with some minor balance issues. I haven't been training steeply on the incline treadmill in quite some time, so I'll have to readjust to it.

On the Incline Treadmill in my The Mountain Goat t-shirt - shop there in Breck
I did manage to hit my goal and it wasn't all that difficult, really. For treadmill training I will probably shoot for once a week and maybe a time of 50:00 hands-free once I get into the swing of things. I might do a Vertical-K this summer, possibly Big Sky (Run The Rut) since it's reasonably close.

Console Display from NordicTrack Incline Treadmill - Vertical is Off (see articles)
As stated previously several times, the vertical calculation is off on the NordicTrack display, possibly due to cheap sensor/floating point math interactivity. I ran my own calculations from my Incline Treadmill Calculator and here are the results:

Time: 65:26
Distance: 3.000
Incline: 24%
Elevation Gain: 3801.60'
Average MPH: 2.751
Average Pace: 21:49
Vertical/Hour: 3486'
Vertical/Minute: 58.1'
VAM: 1062.5

As you can see, 1062.5 VAM is a bit above that needed to achieve a Vertical-K in less than an hour. I'm going to add this into my training and see how it fits into the mix, and if it gives me improved results on Quandary, which is also essentially a Vertical-K, being 3,400' of gain over 5k of trail. Check back with me later, or subscribe to the newsletter, to the right, and stay in the loop.

Quandary Summit, after setting a handful of PR's in the past few weeks

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