Slide Show Results

The slide show went great. We started setting up at around 8:30. I had gone out to the car to bring the projector in, since I thought letting the bulb come to room temp a while beforehand would be "safer".

When I went out at 8:30 to get the screen and speakers I got covered with snow, thanks to the quickly-falling snow from the storm that night.

I got it set up, plugged in my Tascam 122 USB Audio Interface mixer to amplify the AKG Dynamic Cardiod Microphone and push the sound from the pc to the Behringer Digital Studio Monitor Speakers, which I stacked under the table.

I had created a looping slideshow in
Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional for Windows

that I ran at the beginning to warm up the lamp and adjust the screen. It showed the charities, the guides, Angie, and was a bunch of fun to make - I may youtube it later.

I started the slideshow about 10 minutes late, due to the weather and the University of Utah game on TV. Right up front was another animated movie - like from Lonely Planet, showing me flying to Quito like a head from Mythbusters.

I had split the slideshow up into three segments, and it played out for about 45 minutes, pretty much as planned. Then we had some questions...I remember a couple.

1) Why do you start hiking in the dark (like midnight)?

a: because in an Alpine setting, high glaciated terrain, you have to consider the effects of the sun and increasing warmth on the glacier or snowpack - whether it will turn to mush and be hard to walk on, or just affect the layers in the snowpack and increase the chances of avalanche hazard, both in where you descend, and the snow above you.

2) What's the hardest thing you've climbed?

a: (I waffled for a bit, then DW said "Kautz") Um, Kautz, on Rainier - it was a great epic, involving over 20 hours of climbing, much of it in the dark, on about 4 pitches of AI3 ice.

3) What's next?

a: Scheduled - Rainier Liberty Ridge in June, then immediately afterward taking Angie up the Disappointment Cleaver Route on Rainier.
Tentative - solo Aconcagua via Routa Normale

I also mentioned that I would love to go back to Ecuador to visit with the schools associated with Danielle Childrens Fund dot org (put the words together and visit - they don't like direct links for some reason) and teach English for a month or two. Yeah, that would be a cool thing to do when I retire.