Trail Running Resolution: Out The Door

I was reading a fun New Year Resolution article on Trail Runner Mag and was inspired to offer my own take on them here for us all, myself included. I'm about as guilty as all of you of violating each of these.

Out The Door In 5 Minutes

Set a timer on your cell if you have to. Get in the habit of diving into your clothes and shoes and running out the door.

If you're like most people, myself included, way too many times you get distracted getting dressed. Some people worry about color coordinated outfits. Others about heat and cold issues. Some waffle about what shoes to wear that day.

Sometimes, even once you're dressed and ready you'll suddenly remember a call or email you need to return. Or you pass the kids watching Pokemon on TV and have to stop to watch your favorite episode. Seriously?

What to do?

6 Tips To Get Organized:

  1. Your watch is always charged and right where you always get dressed along with any straps and transmitters or pods.
  2. Your clothes are clean and folded or hung on hangers or hooks in weather-appropriate groupings.
  3. Your shoes are racked neatly, cleaned, laces untied and tongues spread in rotation order or terrain groupings.
  4. You've checked the weather and decided well in advance where you are going to plan your clothing and shoes correctly.
  5. Previous to take-off time you've made sure you are properly fed and watered.
  6. Everyone in the family knows that you will be back to family-mode when you return and clean up.

Your Turn:

Those are a few of my "Out the door in 5 minutes" tips. Do you have any to share? Can you resolve to get better at utilizing your precious pre-run time better? Let me know.