Quick 15 in a cold garage

Had a little less than an hour in between getting home from work and having to drop my daughter off at gymnastics so I decided to squeeze in a 15 mile trainer ride. Mostly for my son (MTB racer) I set up a Cannondale CAD8 on a Kinetic Trainer in the garage, and since he's about 5" shorter than I, I can make do with his seat height.

We have a Wahoo Blue cadence/speed pod, Which works well enough on a Suunto Ambit2, but is twitchy on the Ambit3. So I installed the Wahoo Fitness App, and it worked great. It paired to the Bike Pod right off, and with a little finagling, to the Suunto HR strap/sender. The Bluetooth scanning/pairing process required Location Services to make the connection to the Suunto Pod, but once connected, I could turn off the GPS. Hate to stay stuck still at the coordinates of the garage now.

It was about 50, which is the best I can hope for without running a heater 24/7, but I wore just bib shorts, because I knew I'd be getting pretty hot by the time I was finished. And I was right.

I had about an hour tops, between getting home from work and having to run my daughter to gymnastics training, so I pushed hard to maintain a high cadence, high speed cruise to attempt to get in at least 15 miles in that hour. I kept it in middle ring front, 3rd cog back, for most of the ride, pushing it to the smallest cog for a few minutes while holding onto that > 90 RPM cadence. That was tough, and I worked back down to the 3rd cog.

I wrapped up at 55:04 with 15.19 mi. According to Strava that's 16.6 MPH average. Pretty Swag, as my 13 year old says.

I'm a NICA certified Level 2 High School Mountain Bike Coach, and am in training to keep up with the JV's this year. That's 3 laps (about 15 miles on most courses) generally middle-packers doing 24 minute laps. I figure the headwind-like resistance of the Kinetic will get me in shape for the season when it starts in July.

Check out my 15.2 mi Ride on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/844436743