Cold and Windy at Bootleg Canyon

I spent the night at Boulder Beach Campground in Lake Mead. There was a high wind warning but the night wasn't too bad. The day before I'd done almost 18 miles of riding with 1800' of gain up in St. George (see other story) and was feeling it. I woke up later than I wanted, around 6:30, and packed up. At the trailhead they were setting up for their Gravity Fest so it was a bit hectic feeling, but still not crowded at all. I think 43F and 20MPH winds were the reason. Folks had their campfires going with the smell of cooking bacon.

I got into my tights and jacket (used to 43F and worse as a sometime year round commuter) and took off for the trails. First I hit Lower Lake View, split into Middle Lake View, then back around to Reaper, a downhill cutoff to the road. I rode back to parking, then took off to find a connector to the POW/IMBA trail, but ended up at a cliff along Westleg. Oh well. I wrapped it up with a ride up Girl Scout, certainly not an easy trail.

It was a great fun day.