PR's today - 10 mile, 15 k, 10 k

It was interesting to say the least. I was in relatively new shoes. I've been a part time cycle commuter, riding about 9 miles to the train station and back 3 times a week. I've begun running on the road again, after my training for the Vertical K and the Frary Peak runs. I need to get in a half marathon with a time of 2:15 or less to qualify for the Pikes Peak Ascent. I need to do that before the first week of March, since the actual date that registration opens has a tendency to be somewhat random and vague up to a point.

Running in the dark before work
I got in a couple of short runs this week, about 2.5 miles. Last week I only ran a 10 mile on Saturday. This Saturday I was looking to get in a faster 10 mile. The last one, last week, I really started dragging at mile 8. The one before that, back in the Spring, I started dragging about 6.6 miles. Today I was hoping to beat that, and I did.

Riding to the train station in the dark in the morning and evening.
I didn't really start dragging until mile 9.3. That's my 15k. After that I slowed quite a bit, but I'd already made my goal. On the way I felt like I was pretty close to my 10k previous best, and sure enough, I did beat it by about a minute I think it was.

Running in the cold, last Saturday, October 31
My goal is of course to run a 13.1 mile half marathon before the cutoff in March. Maybe St. George? Below are some Strava screen shots. I did pretty good at maintaining a smooth set of splits, all the way up to that last one. Even so, I averaged about 10:40, which is what I'll need to do to get that 2:15. My heart rate wasn't out of line with an effort of this nature, so good there too.

All in all it looks like I'm on track for that 2:15 half come January or February in St. George or thereabouts.