Glute Ham Raise for Runners

Glute Ham Raise - assisted with poles - extended

Glute Ham Raise - assisted with poles - retracted
If you run your hips probably need some strength training. There have been a lot of articles in the big magazines about hip training. This one is about the Glute Ham Raise for Runners. I'm doing this as an endurance exercise so I'm doing sets of 25 in this training session. That means I need a bit of a boost, which means I'm using ski poles. I'm trying to use as little pole as possible as close to the full extension as possible. I'll make a video later about setting up the glute ham raise bench, but my knees are resting about 10:30 as seen from my right on the half circle pad. Does anyone remember how to tell time on analog clocks?

Keep a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. That means clenching your buttocks muscles and squeezing your navel forward. Keep that position all the way out to full extension with your upper body close to parallel to the ground. Pull with your hamstring muscles until you are upright and feel no tension on them.

Glute Ham Raise for Runners Video:

Glute Ham Raise for Runners
Strengthen your hips for running. Glute Ham Raise for Runners. Pole assist makes it a strength endurance exercise. Read the details here:
Posted by Seven Summits Body on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Be careful, of course, not to pull your hamstrings, which is quite easy to do when first trying the Glute Ham Raise for Runners. This is a bit different from the Power Lifter style of training. Remember, you're strengthening your support and assist muscles for running, not shooting for an 800 lb deadlift. The training is obviously going to be a bit different.

For strength I do sets of 5 without the poles and focus on the glutes squeezing and holding that flat back. It's been great for helping my running, with several PB's that I attribute to my leg training routine. I'll share more with you later. Until then, register for the updates HERE.