Core Training for Runners:Roman Chair Situps on Glute Ham Raise Bench

Roman Chair Situps, a classic Ab Training exercise requires that you support your upper legs or hips and secure your feet while facing up. Your upper body is completely unsupported. The situp motion itself is typical, with nothing unusual, except there is no position at the bottom where your back is resting on a bench. It is hanging out in the air and you are able to lower below parallel to the ground. This increases the range of motion and increases the tension on the lower abs. Your hip flexors are also worked more in this exercise.

Much has been said about situps and how the hip flexors do a disproportionate amount of the work. This might be true if you were to consider the abs totally in isolation. This is not realistic though, since from a functional perspective it would be hard to find a real-life situation in which the hip flexors were not supporting the abs. This is especially true in running. With every foot step the hip flexors and abs work together to propel you forward and support you.

You can increase your running fitness a great deal by keeping your hip flexors in the loop and training them along with your abs.

Core Training for Running Video from Facebook:

Core Training for Running - Roman Chair
Roman Chair Situps on a Glute Ham Raise Bench for greater range of motion and functional training of the hip flexors. Article here:
Posted by Seven Summits Body on Friday, September 25, 2015

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