More on Inner Circle Access - Survey Results

Last week I ran a survey among my Facebook, Twitter, G+, Email, and Blog followers. I asked at what price level they would be willing to join a Mastermind Inner Circle for Fitness, Training, etc. including custom programs, accountability coaching, video conferencing and a few other services.

$10/month was the overwhelming choice.

Assuming I were a Walmart Cashier that would be worth about an hour of my life on your services. And to be totally honest with you, everything I gave you would be worth about what that level of productivity would result in. Ask a Walmart Cashier to give you a custom program with 4 weeks of training and they have only one hour to crank it out.

  1. Bench Press
  2. Biceps Curls

Did you expect anything else? Go to the $9/month gym and watch the Walmart Cashiers. There's your "custom program" ready to go, and it was free. And worth every penny of it.

Summit of 14,265' Quandary after climbing Cristo Couloir

Real Personal Trainers and Custom Programs

The Strip Mall and Office Park Personal Trainers where I used to live in Utah County offered Custom Programs on their signs out front at only $40/month. Sadly, being a personal trainer myself, and having access to the software that they use to create these custom programs, I know that you enter a gender, height, weight, activity level from 5 choices, and a goal from 5 choices and the software spits out a "custom program" in about 37 seconds. Total time? Less than a minute and it's $40 a month. Great profit there. Yeah, I could do that too, but to buy the software and pay the licensing fees, I'd have to have a couple hundred at the $10/month level. I'd also probably be violating some pricing restrictions too.

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Famous Personal Trainers and Custom Programs

I once belonged to an Inner Circle with a famous author and personal trainer. At an Inner Circle workshop, live, in a major resort town in the USA I got to talking about the custom training program with another participant, and discovered that my program was identical to his. I quit the inner circle that week. Over time I discovered that a great deal of the custom exercises and programs were what I call "circus tricks" and meant to make the trainer look cool.

Let's explain using Pilates. You go to a Pilates class as a never-ever and every single thing you do feels like agonizing torture, yet the instructor and regulars aren't breaking a sweat. Why? They have adapted to the skills needed to achieve the exercise, and for them it's just like crossing your legs watching TV. No effort required.

The newbie then buys into the program with the thought that if they pay $60/mo for classes they'll be just as cool in a year or two.

What all this means for you?

Basically it means that there will be no Inner Circle at this time. If someone comes forward willing to pay a reasonable rate for superb services, I might re-open the invitation, but until then, you might be able to glean bits and pieces from my articles and put together a plan that works for you.

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