Stop! Banana Time ... Should you eat while training?

Should you eat while training?

My personal goals include glycogen depletion as a function of extreme endurance events. Like climbing a mountain on summit day in a 24 hour push. With that in mind I usually don't eat for a few hours before, during, and a few hours after. With the exception of weight training with a 5x5, 10x10, or 8x3 protocol. Then I eat about an hour before and five minutes after, if I can.

My recommendation for you?

Eat about 30-60 minutes prior, and then within a half hour of finishing, if your training session will last less than 90 minutes including warm-up, weights, cardio and cool-down.

If that's not what you're doing, I have another video coming soon that will let you know what I recommend if your training is different from that plan. Stay tuned.

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