Ice Climbing Training - In Season Program

The Pre-Season is the time when you build up your muscles and endurance to get everything ready for your ice climbing season.

The In-Season is when you do the barest minimum possible to maintain that speed, strength, mobility and endurance so that you can have a great ice climbing season and get the most out of the training you worked so hard on in the Pre-Season.

With that in mind I adapted my favorite no/low impact band training program that forms the foundation of my Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging ON AMAZON HERE. (if you want to earn a free copy while shopping for your special loved ones, CHECK THIS OUT)

I adjusted the protocols of this program for maintaining strength endurance while preventing any level of over-training. You do not want to get any lasting muscle soreness in the main ice climbing season. I include instructions for low impact cardio that will help you maintain your fitness for the approach.

It's a simple book, about 40 pages if it were paperback, and at a great introductory price on Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now.

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In the first 24 hours on Amazon it's already hit #66 for Mountaineering Kindle books. You can't go wrong with this one. Go get yours now and stay in tune with your fitness for your ice climbing challenges this season.

Stay tuned for the Pre Season Training guide coming Spring 2015.