Giant Rubber Band Horrific Accident

In light of the recent news about the giant rubber band horrific accident involving outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ...

Sen. Harry Reid, 75, is recovering at home after he broke "a number of ribs and bones in his face" when he was exercising, his office said Friday in a statement. -- CNN

I have to come forward and state unequivocally that I have never been the victim of an accident involving a training band. It actually never occurred to me that it was a possibility. Here we have an extremely high profile individual and news story that should serve as a warning to all of us. I do mention that the possibility of injury is always lurking just barely beneath the surface, like a shark, like an electric eel, no, like an electric shark...

Band Lat Pulldowns from a tree - sure hope that band doesn't break and cause me to fracture my bones
I never really say that, but I do offer several types of disclaimers in my two training manuals that feature bands for training.

I’m by no means a medical or other professional who is legally licensed in the performance of physical evaluations or recommendations or prescriptions. In simple terms you should get the permission or approval of a trained, certified, licensed medical professional before you begin this, or any other exercise or fitness program.
I make no outrageous claims like you’ll be climbing WI9 or M21 in the next week or even year. I can’t promise you’ll achieve 4% bodyfat and go on a tour with a fitness model expo. I can’t even promise you won’t manage to find a way to hurt yourself with a rubber training band.
Please be smart, be careful, try to not hurt yourself, and most of all, try to have some fun with this. I do.

From "Ice Climbing Training: In Season Program"

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