Did you plan on doing cardio? or is this your warm-up?

Cardio: an extended period of time in a heart rate zone

Typically, you're talking about 75% of Max HR for about 20 to  45 minutes. Yeah, you could be considering some other protocol, but when you're doing cardio, or anaerobic threshold training, or VO2/Max training, you'd do something similar, but with slightly different % and slightly different durations.

Warm-up: a brief period of time in a heart rate zone

Typically, we'd shoot for 75-80% of Max HR for about 3 to 6 minutes. That's it. That's all most people need. Try to choose something that impacts the entire body, like my favorite, the elliptical. Try a rowing machine. But really, anything you can do, even calisthenics, will get some blood flowing and joints lubricated.

Just don't get the two mixed up and end up with a 45 minute warm-up.

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