Treadmill Training Example

This morning I trained on the treadmill at 8% for almost 50 minutes shooting for 3.0 miles.

Here's the stats from that 

Time: 49:40
Distance: 3.001
Incline: 8%
Elevation Gain: 1267.62'
Average MPH: 3.625
Average Pace: 16:33
Vertical/Hour: 1531'
Vertical/Minute: 25.52'
VAM: 466.8

That's actually a pretty hefty VAM for that low of an incline. The vertical feet on all the NordicTrack treadmills is off. It gets worse as it gets steeper. I have mentioned it a time or two before, and my gut feeling is that it's because there is a cheap internal circuit that rounds horribly, rather than using floating point math. No way to know because they won't say :)

Outside I am having a bit of difficulty getting in enough vertical, since the snow that's out there is a bit choppy from the snowcats and hasn't set up yet. The wild snow is waist deep powder.

Here's my weekly stats, including 3 outdoor runs and 2 indoor runs:

Total Miles: 21.716
Total Vertical: 4948.54'

I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow, since it's pretty hectic right now with the holiday season. Saturdays are not great for getting in a lot of miles until January I think. If I could just do whatever I want, I'd shoot for 10, but 4 will get me to my 25 miles per week current goal. My goal was for 4000' of vertical and I'm past that.

I applied these same Vertical Training Goal concepts to my 340 page illustrated guide to hiking and mountaineering training. Studies have shown vertical training to be much more effective in fat burning. Give it a shot and see for yourself.

Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging

Here's a screenshot from Movescount so you can see my Heart Rate:

I kept it in Zone 4 "Very Hard" for 38 minutes. That's over half of the time I spent on the treadmill. I began at 1.0 mph and worked up to about 3.8 mph rather quickly. That's why it averaged to about 3.6 mph. After I climbed off the treadmill at 50 minutes I kept the monitor going so I could see my own recovery. I can judge the intensity of a workout by the time it takes to get down into the 110's. Despite the supposed 18 hour recovery window that Suunto recommends, I think it will be a little rough and slow for my training tomorrow. I'll let you know.

Right now my treadmill is in a small bedroom space, and there isn't a lot of airflow. I can't really let the window open during training, as it's in the 20's outside and the heater would kick in. I usually train in shorts and a bandanna. I like to wear the Hoka Stinson Tarmac, since the bottom is nearly bulletproof. Seriously, I have about 400 treadmill miles on them and they look like new. They're the first model, so I can't promise the new one has the same characteristics.

What am I training for?

1) Aconcagua. I want to do an Alpine Style Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside the Himalaya. To help get me there I've put together a Logistics-Only Expedition at an amazingly low rate. I'm not making a profit here, so I'm passing that savings on to you. Check it out HERE.

2) Nevado Ojos del Salado. I want to do a fast and light 42 mile trek to the summit of the highest volcano in the world. I'll need to up my weekly mileage and vertical to get there. If you want to help me with that, please go to Kickstarter and choose the $35 reward option. It includes FREE STREAMING of the feature length documentary, as well as an autographed copy of the DVD. It's a heck of a deal. If you just want the streaming, choose $3. I appreciate it a lot. GO TO KICKSTARTER

That's me on the treadmill. See that Kindle? I love watching video during my runs. It's great training, especially keeping the mental focus to read subtitles. Try it and let me know how you feel about it. Just don't fall off the treadmill doing it.