Trail Running on Groomed Snow

Back from the wet Seattle forest, I'm now doing mixed training. A few days outside and a few inside. I've been outside for a couple days and the snowmobiles for Keystone Resort emergency services have packed down a good track in many places. Some are loose chop from the belt, and they ran a snowcat up it to flatten the whole road surface.

In the past week I've run into a handful of "Nordic Skiers" and I use the term rather loosely and all-inclusively. To illustrate that concept I was walking up a hill (to avoid the unwelcome aggression of an illegally unleashed dog) and passed by a trendy lady on xc skis. At the top of the hill (after the dog passed) I began to run again, and managed to stay about 50 yards back all the way down the hill. When a runner in microspikes keeps up with you on your xc skis on a downhill, you can be assured you are not using them correctly.

Here are a few photos I've taken in the last couple days for you to enjoy.