The 100 Calorie Diet Plan

"The 100 Calorie Diet Plan" is a small simple guide to using scientifically sound methods to calculate your personal caloric needs and then divide them up into easy to use portions to control appetite and eating patterns. Over time you can be enabled to achieve your own goals without unduly suffering, as with other diet plans.

After years of not being able to efficiently lose weight, not matter how much I worked out and what good choices I made in the food department, this was what finally worked and made sense. I am not a math brain, so the initial calculations were a bit intimidating to me, but it WORKS. 13 pounds lighter and I have lost 3 inches in the bust, waist and navel area and 4 inches in the hips. It takes a bit of prep work and my dishwasher looks like a Tupperware store on a daily basis, but it is worth it! - 5-star review on Amazon

Find out how truly simple it can be with this empowering, inspiring, motivational tool to transform your eating habits into the best they can be, if you but follow the easy instructions and apply the spirit of sensible diet controls to your own daily life. My reviewer above did it. I know you can too.

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