Treadmill Training Report

Just a quick post to share my treadmill training report. A couple days ago I went up Quandary in a raging blizzard STORY HERE (with video).

Yesterday and today I rode the treadmill for some great training at a slightly higher speed than I can achieve outdoors, still having to nurse some injuries that have been slowing me down quite a bit, especially on the downhill.

Tuesday Treadmill Stats:

Time: 47:00
Distance: 4.030
Incline: 2%
Elevation Gain: 425.57'
Average MPH: 5.145
Average Pace: 11:40
Vertical/Hour: 543'
Vertical/Minute: 9.05'
VAM: 165.6

Wednesday Treadmill Stats:

Time: 66:41
Distance: 5.129
Incline: 2%
Elevation Gain: 541.62'
Average MPH: 4.615
Average Pace: 13:00
Vertical/Hour: 487'
Vertical/Minute: 8.12'
VAM: 148.5

I'm especially happy since I haven't been able to sustain speeds like that since my injuries about 6 weeks ago. It's great to get back in the groove.

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Train on the treadmill, or train in the snow, your choice :)