Bunch of Running Shoes

I've been rotating my running shoes since 2011 when I began running sort of seriously. Unless you take my various RUNNING articles under consideration. In that case it might be difficult to apply the word "seriously" to anything I write regarding running.

I began with a pair of Asics Gel something or other. Classic shoes with a classic fit, huge rock solid heel and heel cup. I believed myself to be an under-pronator, based on a slew of articles, many of which were designed to sell shoes to the relative majority of runners who were not actually over-pronators. My knees and soles hurt and it was obvious that pounding my heels on every step would cause my ancient body to self-destruct if I continued to run.

I went into Runners Corner, a store in Orem UT which was quite close to my office and had them analyze my running and they had me test a few of their shoes in the parking lot. Sadly it wasn't the best of surfaces to test on and the distance was pretty short too. Too short for someone who typically runs at a 12:00 pace. I ended up with a pair of Pearl Izumi Peak. Trail shoes with a fairly low drop (height of heel vs. height of ball of foot), thin sole and great sock style upper.

After a few months I got a pair of PI Peak, and then based on the recommendations of a friend who did a lot of marathons, a pair of Hoka Bondi.B. I loved them so much I put a few hundred miles and a trail marathon on them. I got a pair of MafateWP for winter running and spiked them for snow and ice.

When it became obvious that trails would be my thing and I might never ever run on pavement again, I got a couple pair of Stinson EVO, and for my treadmill training Stinson Tarmac. That was a few years ago. My marathon maniac friend (one a month for a few years) suggested a rotation to let the foam rest and recover so that I could reduce injuries. Since then I've experimented with a lot of shoes (most on clearance or at a factory outlet).

Depending on the season and terrain, my normal rotation would be something like

  • Hoka Stinson EVO
  • Pearl Izumi Trail N2
  • Asics Fuji Racer (Gen 1)

Recently I slipped in

  • Pearl Izumi Trail N1
  • New Balance MT10

Not sure how that's going to work or whether I'll be doing a 5 day rotation or what. Just thought I'd share a few thoughts on running shoe rotations. Notice that for the most part those are all quite different shoes.