Weight Training Secret Manual: 8 Hacks to Beat the Plateau

It's awesome to write my first training program manual, publishing it on Amazon, and in that same week rise to the top of the ranks in two categories that are completely relevant and somewhat competitive. I want to thank everyone who took advantage of the two free days of celebration with free downloads on Amazon [CLICK HERE].

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I wrote the training manual to address a need common among those who train with weights. The Plateau.

"A Plateau is generally described as a steep ramp with a flat section at the top. Think of the old Western movies. Imagine the cowboy riding his horse up the switchbacks to the top and being met by an endless expanse of sage and tumbleweed plain stretching off to the horizon. When you get to a Plateau in your training that's what it feels like. You can spend months spinning your gears and not make any progress." from the book

The training manual outlines 8 training cycles to insert into your current program to get you back on track with your training goals. Get bigger stronger faster with these training cycles. Be sure to go get your copy now. Amazon restricts how many times a year I can use their promotions, so if you miss this one, there are still two more ways to get the Kindle eBook for FREE.

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Thank you everyone who contributed to my rank with the purchase of this Kindle eBook!