The 100 Calorie Diet Plan Food Portion Calculator

In my latest book "The 100 Calorie Diet Plan" I outline a program using simple math to calculate food portions that will allow you to eat all day long and still lose fat. CLICK HERE if you want more info on that book.

Get the information you need from the product label
First of all you'll need some simple basic information off the product label.

  • Serving Size in Grams
  • Calories in a Serving

And that's it for now. Enter these two number into the calculator below, and click the button, and now you know how much a 100 calorie food portion is.

My example in another article [CLICK HERE] was salted almonds

  • Serving Size 28 Grams
  • Serving is 170 Calories

When I enter those into the calculator below I get 16.5 Grams for a 100 calorie food portion, which in the photo below, sure looks small. Nutrient dense, higher fat foods like nuts will be a pretty small serving for 100 calories.

100 Calories of Salted Almonds
So now, for your convenience and to make it simple to achieve success, I present you with my calculator. Enjoy. Remember, be consistent and log everything in your Training and Nutrition Journal.

100 Calorie Food Portion Calculator

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