Ice Climbing Training: Shoulder Mobility Kettle Bell Circuit

I don't train shoulders hard for Ice Climbing as they don't have to do a lot of work, but you do need to keep them in balance with your lats. If your lats are too strong for your shoulders you could have some mobility and injury issues. Here I'm doing a quick circuit with kettle bells to loosen up and dynamically strengthen my shoulders.

Note that these are not traditional kettle bell swings. Don't throw a lot of weight around here. Pick a weight that you can do sets of 25 with. I mix up the order every other day or so with Front, Side, and Rear swings. Use a light balanced stance that allows you to be stable during the full range of motion for the swing. If you have to lift your heels a lot you are probably using too heavy weight.

I could do these every day and have full recovery, since I'm not going to failure or really stressing the muscle that much. YMMV.