Testing out the foot - Stairmaster at 9600' in Breckenridge Colorado

I had been to Utah and tested out the foot on the Stairmaster there, and managed to find a shoe/sock combination that worked. On Tuesday there I did 66 minutes at 75 steps/minute for 3300' of elevation. That's a bit less than a qualifier (3570'). I did that at 5200' of elevation in Utah County.

On Wednesday in Breckenridge Colorado at the Recreation Center I set it at Level 10 (slightly different control panel) which equates to 89 steps/minute for 60 minutes, resulting in 3560' of elevation gain in an hour. That's close enough to a qualifier to call it an hour qualifier. I had been planning to simulate an Elbrus Race as closely as possible by doing a Stairmaster Qualifier on one day, then in my condo use the Incline Treadmill to simulate the Classic two days later. This will test my ability to recover from an extreme event and two days later do another one.

I'll be doing something similar this last week before I go. I'm not training outside very much. Though I did do a 5.5 mile run on Wednesday afternoon after doing weights in the rec center, after doing the Stairmaster in the morning. Not sure I can achieve that this week. But I am happy with my Stairmaster performance last Wednesday. My foot was a little sore on Saturday and Sunday after the Incline Treadmill. More on that later.