Seven reasons I'm not a runner

I've had quite a few discussions with people who claim to be runners over the years. On Twitter and Facebook and in person.  Based on how these typically end up I have to admit I'm not a runner.

1. I can't run a 21 minute 5k
2. I weigh over 150 lb
3. I strength train
4. I don't do yoga
5. I stretch
6. I like the treadmill
7. I like using Nordic poles on steep trails

There's a quick 7 reasons I'm not a runner

I read an article recently categorizing runners into 8 categories, and some of the comments were obviously from some of these same trolls on social that enjoy putting people down who are not "runners like them" but seriously, I think if you're out having fun in the great outdoors, or urban sprawl, or even in the privacy of your own basement or garage, it's all good and all you really need to worry about is getting stronger, healthier, fitter, and maybe even putting aging away for a while.

I suppose that's being too optimistic.