Training at Breck Rec

I'm not used to training any other place than in my basement or garage, but when we moved to Colorado this summer I had to figure out a training program that would work for me. I'm peaking for Elbrus Race 2013 right now, so I can't really bail on weight training, in spite of the heavy mileage in running and fast hiking I've been doing. In spite of the great quantities of vertical I've been doing. I have a punch-card at the Breckenridge Recreation Center, which is about the most reasonably priced option at the moment.

I love the Cybex machines overall. They're pretty smooth and have a good action. There are a few differences in perceived resistance between them and what I normally do. In general though, especially for my upper body training, I'm just working strength endurance on the low side of the curve. I'm doing sets of 25 with a moderate weight. For some of these I had to do a rest-pause sequence. When I couldn't go any more I just set it down, took 2-3 deep breaths then kept going with the count until I hit 25.

After hitting the machines upstairs I went downstairs to the free weights and weight towers. Fortunately they have two squat/deadlift stations, since one was being used. I did a set of squats, which felt rather odd with a straight bar. and then some Romanian or Straight Leg Deadlifts. Then some sets of three singles in a row. They're singles because you set the bar down and relax your grip between each rep. Those also felt odd with a straight bar. For my squats I've been using the Safety Squat Yoke Bar. For deadlifts I've been using a Hexagonal Trap Bar. Both give me a much better position with my wrists and help me to avoid repetitive stress injuries there. I'm just glad they had chalk out and available.

I finished with another set of squats, then went over to the "Hungarian Core Blaster". Here's a [LINK] if you want to see what it is, but I totally dig it. You can get a great workout. In Utah I use a kettlebell to do the same type of motion. 

Then I finished with some bicep and tricep on a lat tower. I tested out some pullup and chinup motions, but was pretty wasted after last week so I ddin't push that any further. Finally some knee-ups on a stand.

Hyper/Roman Chair/Left and Right Side Abs:  25 ea
Roman Chair Ab Twist 10 rotations side to side
Cybex Lat Pulldown 25 @ 50 / 70
Cybex Shoulder Press 25 @ 40 / 35
Cybex Lat Row 25 @ 85 / 90
Cybex Chest Press 25 @ 50 / 50 (rp)
Cybex Let Extension 25 @ 50 / 50
Cybex Leg Curl 25 @ 110 / 110

Full Back Squat 15 @ 45
Romanian Deadlift 15 @ 135
Deadlift 3x1 @ 225 / 225 / 225 / 225
Full Back Squat 15 @ 45
Sorinex Core Blaster 2x 15 @ 45 ea
Cable Tricep 2x 50 @ L6
Cable Bicep 2x 30 @ L4
Knee Ups 10 (knees bent)

Bumper Plates on the Deadlift Platform
I'm thinking I'll do a long run tomorrow and then a shorter run on Wednesday with the option of doing weights again on Wednesday or Thursday. We'll have to see how my recovery progresses as I peak for Elbrus Race 2013.