Polar Heart Rate Monitor Travel Suggestion

If you use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, or one made by another company that has similar characteristics, here is a good idea to protect it and keep it all together while you travel.

Heart Rate Monitors in Sunglasses Case

The semi-hard sunglasses cases that zip are about the right size for the cloth/fabric strap versions. The older style hard rubber ones would require a larger case, since it won't fold small enough for this case. I roll up the strap so it fits inside the case, then put the rest inside the strap.

Parts exposed so you can see what's in the case

This works great for my RS800CX [CLICK TO BUY
] . I have it all spread out so you can see it. Strap, GPS, Heartrate transmitter, watch, PC USB dongle, and spare batteries. Ready for travel around the world.

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