Leftover Fruit Smoothie

We were going to have company over, so we had a lot of fruit that we were going to use for a large fruit salad. Something came up so we ended up with a lot of fruit. While we all love to eat fruit, it's a lot more efficient to drink it.

I sliced the stems off a half dozen strawberries, tossed in a pint of raspberries, pitted two peaches and a nectarine after cutting off some bruises, and put in 48 oz of water in the Ninja Blender

To thicken it, add body, some color, and a bit of protein, I added a scoop of vanilla protein. You could add milk or soymilk if you like. I pushed the high power button and let it run for a minute. I drank some and loved it. Best of all the kids loved it and asked for seconds.