Eating "Normal"

Sometimes if you're injured, or did a really heavy high volume training session you'll need to eat "normal". Be reasonable, of course. You don't want to eat a whole cheesy fries appetizer all by yourself. Eat something healthy yet outside the realm of your normal diet. If your body craves something, maybe it's a good idea to get a little something outside the box, so to speak.

Here I am in Breckenridge Colorado at "Crepes A La Carte" near the Patagonia store. I love this place and eat there a few times a year. For me that's a lot. I'm sharing a Chicken Florentine with my wife, so I get about half. That seems to be a good size serving. I'm healing from torn rib cartilage and intercostal muscles from Carstensz [EBOOK HERE] and I managed to mess up some knee ligaments going back into my 30 miles per week training for an Ultra, perhaps.

What kind of food do you eat when it's time to heal, recuperate, or just cheat for a meal?