Running Shoes or What?

I was looking around on the other day and clicked on the trail leading to "Mens->Running Shoes" and was surprised at the number of presumed running shoes that were shown. I mean presumed as in "they might be intended by the manufacturer or purchaser as running shoes, but as someone who does run, I don't really feel like they are in fact running shoes".

This might be a false assumption on my part, and other runners might disagree, but in any case, this could be a tough uphill battle for these manufacturers if they want to be taken seriously.

Puma: don't they mostly make like really cute slippers that look something like track shoes?

Keen: those are the shoes that go well with your yoga/casual slacks.

Ahnu: see Keen above.

Etonic: seriously, I thought they were out of business.

Fila: soccer shoes?

Garmont: ski boots?

Oboz: see Keen above.

Skechers: they're for kids and they twinkle.

K-Swiss: tennis shoes?

Harley Davidson: really? it's a Malaysian knock-off Columbia, right?

Anyway, just a few random thoughts about running or running-styled shoes. Anyone have any opinions to add or need to set me straight?