Training Waypoint

It's a good idea when training to find some waypoint, some marker that you can refer to regularly to compare progress. One good standard of comparison is the before and after picture. I haven't been too good about that over the past few years, though I do have some from several years ago if I can dig them out.

I decided today after my PM weight workout to take some so I can compare myself and see what works and what doesn't, maybe determining when I'm "done" for now.

I took pictures from several standard angles and "poses". Front, side and rear relaxed or natural, and then a few with muscle tension. I liked this one and thought I'd share it right away. I might put up a few of the others soon. I like how now in this pose there's very little "tire" around my midsection, though I have a ways to go. I was tested at 14% bodyfat at the University of Utah PEAKS Performance Lab. I'd like to hit 10% by March 15th, 2011.