Harry Potter and Taekwondo

Interesting combination.

A long time ago, I used to teach an obscure little martial art that no normal person was really very interested in, though I had a following of about a dozen devoted non-normal people back in the day in Kansas City. When I came to Utah the realities of owning a business meant I had to give that up, in case anyone is interested and meaning to ask (other than a few of the non-normal people I'm still in contact with that is).

Anyway, one oddity among potentially non-normal people who came to visit me to find out what I was made of, or how tough I was, or how skilled, or how smart or whatever, was that they would start ripping on Taekwondo and other 20th century martial arts.

1) it's not really a martial art
2) it's not authentic, but is rather made up in response to Karate, itself made up blah blah
3) they're just in it for the money
4) it's contest stuff and doesn't work

etc. etc. etc.

I never really wanted to argue any points that were in fact rather obvious, but I did say this:

"I respect Taekwondo immensely. They make tons of money. Have millions of fervent adherents. Are everywhere you look."

How can you argue with that?

It would be like ripping on Harry Potter, and you know what? I say the same thing.

Tons of money (for bookstore owners as well as whats'er'face).
Millions of readers.
Everywhere saturating society.

Anyway, all the respect in the world to all of them, Harry, Edward, Sookie, etc. etc.