Rock Climbing Update

Done a few more sessions at Momentum.

Lapped that red 5.6(?) for 3 laps - not bad. I worked a few others, but didn't get far. I did some bouldering, and pieced together a V1 on the first cave inside the door, but didn't link it.

I got outside to meet CM from my earlier Rock Canyon The Wild adventure. Met him at Tinker Toys. I got there early and was going to Trad Rope Solo Tonka Truck 5.6 but he showed up and I let him lead Barbie 5.8. I tried Barbie on toprope but it kicked my butt. He then did K'NEX on toprope and I ran down the trail in my 35 lb pack (not bad at all) and went home, then on to Momentum (Wed night).

Had the horrible Forgot my Stuff Fiasco that night when I grabbed the wrong bag, but I did do an old 5.9 in much better style than ever before.

Thursday, I managed to send that purple 5.9+ and sent 3 V0's in a row, nonstop. I worked on the first few moves of my V1 project, but didn't link it yet. Devon watched as I did the 5.9+ and he and DW were talking and cheering me on, though I didn't hear anything other than "don't stop" when I was resting...

Recovery has been tough with the more harder workouts, but I'm looking forward to getting in shape for Liberty, and of course, for DW's entry in Teva.