Holy Smurf - More Momentum Climbing

Today we went to Momentum again - last time before I leave for Rainier.

DW was there for Dal's climbing team practice, which for some unrealistic reason is on Thursday afternoon.

Anyway, when I first got there she was consoling Dal over his successful V0 climb, and she showed me her V3 she's working, and I tried the first couple moves on it, then tried the first couple moves on the evil blue V1 I just can't get the next move on. Well, I did get the next move, but with the wrong hand.

I went over then and tried the first few feet of a new orange 5.9 put up by RM, which of course means there is at least one 5.11 move, and sure enough, the first few feet were impossible, which I suppose makes his ego day complete.

I went around then and did a new 5.8 by "TN" whoever that is. Really awful sequencing, but I did do it. I then got on the standard blue 5.10A and it totally blew me away at the first move. Weird. After shaking it off I got on a SJ 5.10a orange and onsited it. Far out. Amazing. But then SJ really does know how to set routes, which unfortunately their primary routesetter is clueless about.

To wrap up I did the yellow 5.9 in the book corner by the cracks and just ran up it, so good enough.

What an amazing day. Can hardly wait for Leavenworth.