Climbing at Momentum in Sandy, June 16

Still recovering from my heavy-duty workout yesterday (Monday), so I was planning on climbing slow and gentle. Also, getting ready for Liberty Ridge on Rainier next week, so have to keep my recovery ability in mind.

DW climbed the yellow 5.8 with the overhung arete start on the wall by the former cafe (now an empty future climbing museum er, junk room to help someone clean their garage). I decided to do it too, and did okay. D stopped by and said hi to us.

Can't remember the details of DW's climbing - like a handful of 10d's and 11's of various sorts, working them hard, and still getting over Teva (though Teva did help her bouldering a LOT - she was here Monday night working some V3's).

I did the green 8 on the curvy front wall. Again, not bad. I wanted to do a 10, but the one I wanted to try (the brown on the curvy front wall that kicked my butt before) was just busy tonight, so I got on the yellow 10b with pockets. I managed to get up halfway, doing a bad sequence and coming off, so I got back on and worked past that to the next sequence and came off, so I bailed - new project.

I got on the beige 9 to the left of the doorway in the kids wall, and managed to get to the 2nd to last move before coming off - so close, but again, new project. So I have a handful of uncompleted 9's to wrap up. Three that I remember now coming off at the last move or so. Endurance.

8's are fairly uncomplicated now, so that's progress anyway - last year I was happy to do half an 8 in one go without coming off or bailing in agony from my hands. lol.