Rock Climbing Digression

Not done with the Alaska Blogging by a long shot, but wanted to get in some rock climbing sharing time here.

Since I got the Acopa Aztecs and they've been supporting my feet, I've been feeling pretty good and generally strong. I've been attempting the "mystery routes" the ones with no rating. I did a really cool yellow in the corner by the 5.9 dihedral and it didn't feel too bad. Turns out it's a 5.10.

I did that green maple route - had to work it, but made it bottom to top no hangs on the 2nd or 3rd try, and it's a 5.10c.

I did a nice new blue, and it's not rated yet, so dunno. I say it's a 5.9+ and Angie says it's a 10 from her climb of it - she did work harder than I've seen her work 9's so maybe.

I've been working that horrible purple 5.9 sloper-fest, but haven't made it past my sticking point yet, though I think I know how to now.

I've been working an evil 5.10a beige on the curvy front wall, and finally managed to stick the evil slanted slippery block that I keep getting stuck on, but haven't made it past it. Maybe next week.

I did a purple 5.9+ that works up the inverted section of the main wall, but hung once.

I did a new blue that DG says is 9+ or 10- and got to a really yucky sloper (on the left hand - doh! like all of them) after hanging twice. I restarted and ran up to it, having picked a better line based on my previous attempt. I think I can send it within the week.

I've also done a few of the new 8's and 7's, but nothing memorable.

There is a new yellow (oops!) red that I did, think it's a 5.6 but we'll see, and oddly enough, it has some cool pockets on it that I actually took as a lockoff. Best of all, it's like the first route in a long time I think I can lap on - so I'll see about doing that soon.

Still recovering from Alaska I think.

Got out to Rock Canyon and did a lead rope solo on Gazelle 5.5 in "The Wild" a relatively new moderate limestone area in Rock Canyon just outside Provo Utah.

First one of the year.

So, it's been a ton of fun working and sending some 10's