Alaska Day 1

Made it here - flew in with Sean (who flew from TN) and arrived at midnight. The baggage carousel took almost 45 minutes to spit out our suitcases - guess the hamsters were tired.

Took the Holiday Inn Express shuttle to the Microtel where Sean had a room reserved. Checked in easy, went to bed around 1.

I got up at 7:30 and came down for a snack at the breakfast bar while Sean slept (He's about 5 hours behind here in Alaska - I'm only 2 - jetlag going back will suck best for him).

It was cool coming into Alaska along the fjiord-like coast and seeing the midnight sun on the edge of the Northern horizon. Gorgeous red and blue light in the sky - wonder if Rupert is the reason for the red?

Anyway, going to call my dearest DW and then see when Sean wakes and hook up with Troy for the trip to Talkeetna.

Maybe more later, maybe not til the 14th? Cya!