Hardcore Gym Climbing - Comp and Not

Momentum had a Jr. Comp on Saturday the 25th of April, but they had a Citizen's Comp to Pre-Climb the routes on Friday Night. It was overall a real pain, and I managed to climb a 5.7 I didn't like and a 5.8 that I did. DW didn't really climb up to her full potential either.

We were going to climb outside as further training for me for Alaska, but it was pouring rain and then snow on Saturday, so after the trampoline adventure (another reason to be waiting on the roof with a shotgun on Christmas Eve) we decided to go to the gym and then out to eat.

We ended up going to Smith's first, because they had a bike sale on and there were a couple that Angie wanted to show me. Then we went to Momentum and got climbing. Angie climbed hard, starting a 5.13 just to see what it was like, plus a few good sends. I sent a green 5.10 (another one of the SoIll Maple Routes - seems like it's my thing) in only two tries - amazing. Then I did two attempts on a purple 9 that was really just awful slopers in bad sequences. I managed to get to the 2nd to last hold when my hands were done. So next time ---

We went to Red Robbin as our last meal out together as a couple before I go to Alaska for a couple weeks. This is going to be a rough week as I get stuff wrapped up at home and work so I'm ready to go. I'll be completely out of communications the whole two weeks - great Himalayan training I guess.