Draper Red Rock Climbing - 1st time 2009 season

Wed. Apr. 22, 2009 - this evening we took the boys up to the Draper Red Rock for an "intro to outdoor climbing" since they've both been such gym rats this past year.

While I went up to the top of the 5.7 to set a toprope and rappel down, they bouldered in the little cave under the 9 and 10's.

We sent Brennan up first, and he had to be talked up pretty hard, but he made it and did a decent job. Then DW went up, and she did an excellent job considering she doesn't really like outdoor climbing that much. We sent Dal up next and though he's been toproping 8's in the gym for his Momentum Climbing Base Camp Jr. Climbing Team, he was a bit disconcerted to be climbing outside on sharp pointy rocks that can cause great physical damage, but he did really good in spite of his fear. Then I went up and boogied up the center of the route, and thought it was a lot easier than last time - guess it's the shoes? Then Bren took another shot at it and just flew up it - no fear at all this time.

I took Dal up on the hiking trail to the top with a sling and locker so I could show him how to clip in at the top and take down the toprope anchors. He needs to start young. He loved leaning over the edge and waving at his brother and mom. Then we hiked down, gathered everyone and left the rock to two guys who showed up to climb. Good job all!

DW should have the pics up on her site before long.