Wed Climbing Lessons

I decided to tag along for kicks, and since the only other option would be to set Anne free and make dinner for the kids and put them to bed. Besides, Dallin begged to spend the evening with Anne.

We started off getting them belay certified. There was S, who had climbed in WERC before, and her friend who took pictures. Her friend's daughter D, and S's friend from work, J. Neither J nor D had climbed before, and while J had a 6'5" height advantage, and seemed to have at least a minor amount of athleticism that helped him work his way up to 5.9 before he really started hanging, D was like the total opposite.

We gave them all lots of attention, and pointed out different ways to use the tools each had, and got them all into the bouldering room, where S and J both tried their hands at some V0's and even an evil V1 (the blue along the edge of the cafe roof that neither I nor DW have finished yet). In the middle of all this I onsited a V0 and Angie totally sent a V2 on her second try. Amazing girl. One of the other climbers there told her she should be working V3's and she did start one - great project as she lines up for the TEVA games in Vail this summer.

They did great, had a lot of fun, got some cool pictures, and hopefully will come back for more (pretty sure S will, not sure about J and D - but if they read this they need to keep it up - practice will get you to the top).

When all was said and done, it was a ton of fun for us too. Great experience and totally cool to give back to the NOOB community. We both ended up getting a great deal without smurfing off the gym management.

Anyway, just proud of my baby on her V2, and happy I did some bouldering for the 2nd time in this year of healing. I decided to take Thursday night off from Dallin's basecamp climbing team and heal my hands some. Instead I stayed home and did a workout while watching the other kids, so DW could boulder or help the team or treadmill or whatever.

It's kindof fun because I work out in the basement, and the kids came down to play with their Thomas Train Table together while I rode the elliptical. Afterward we went to Costco together to catch up on supplies and got home just as DW and Dal came home. They had a great time, which I'm sure she'll mention on her blog when she catches up.

Friday night we're going to climb with Tif and Ty. I'll keep you posted...