Friday Climbing Wtih Tif and Ty

Last night we used our "bring a friend free" passes to take Tif and Ty to Momentum for a night of climbing. Ty had climbed before at the Quarry quite a bit, and was working V4's by the end of the year there, so this was all quite "simple" for him. Tif was wearing running shoes and going barefoot at times, which limited her a bit, but she did some great climbing and we hope she sticks with it and they can find a way to climb more together.

Ty did this wild trick that a guy there showed us for getting up a V5 about the same difficulty as a V1. Far out if you're tall. He also did a 5.10d on the wall by the future-museum-formerly-known-as-the-cafe, and with a little working out and practicing, he'll be doing great. Good job.

I managed to squeeze out sending that horrible red 8 with the blocky edgy holds on the short wall. Angie had beat the smurf out of herself bouldering on Thursday, so climbed somewhat conservatively, but still managed to get in some great V2 and V3 work. It's so cool that the folks back in the bouldering "cave" are taking her seriously now.

Anyway, we had tons of fun and hope to do it again.

(oh, forgot to mention in my post a couple days ago that I managed to send that black 9 that when I first did it seemed like a 10 to me, but a 9 to Jake, back in the corner by the first 9 crack and old speed routes)