Back to Climbing Again...

It's been interesting.

After getting my Aztecs I immediately felt a world better. I practically ran up the "Maple Canyon" green that they finally established at 5.10. Everyone I talked to said it's rated correctly, though I joke "if I can do it there's no way it's a 5.10".

After that I cooled my jets some and have been doing some of the more evil 5.7's and 8's - with a 6 or two tossed in for good measure.

With my arches fully supported I can actually stand on holds and use my leg power to raise myself, rather than my arms.

Toadally Kewl.

Tonight I did try a 5.10b(?) that didn't look too bad, but I fell of about 10' up on some really smurfy sloper. Smurf it - I decided to bail after that. Coincidentally to that DW was being poked by a somewhat "friend" and didn't know I fell till I hit the end of the rope - so good belay - it worked.

Then she took a turn and came off just above that spot - but did finally get up it - it was a Jeffries special - side to side slopers. Oh, well.

I redid an evil 5.8 then, and called it a night - good enough for me.

I've been working my legs to improve my strength in standing up on the holds, and my hands - after finally getting a handle on some of my tendon issues and working to improve it.

More tomorrow maybe at DW's amazing "Rick's in Mexico and I'm Lonely Party"...