Snowshoes 4 Lunch

Today we were testing out a new sitter, so DW took the morning to do some much-needed grocery shopping, and then came down to get me, and we piled into the yellow beast and headed up Provo Canyon to snowshoe.

We saw a lady coming down the trail rather quickly on skis and that she was "chasing" a dog. At the bottom the dog stopped to say hi, and it turns out that the dog bowl of water was frozen, so we gave them some of ours (had a gallon jug in the front seat).

We headed up the trail at a rather brisk pace, and kept it pretty steady for about 35 minutes, then headed back down. All the while, DW is doing various gear education things for Rainier - how to adjust for heat and cold, how to stay dry at the base layer, how to stash and store gear, how to walk in snow. All the good stuff.

Anyway, when we got to the car it turns out she'd left her hat up the trail in a bad gear stash situation, so I ran up the trail in my boots (the snow was pretty hard, and only a little slippery) about halfway and got the hat.

Back at work it's the same old hassle, but it was a fun trip on a beautiful day.