Ouray Ice Climb Saturday Jan 31

This morning I called Nathan and set up a meet by South Park, but I somehow managed to beat them there and found it packed, with the river high enough there was no belay spots anyway.

We ended up down in School Room, where John remembered seeing an open anchor - #2. We hiked back down and set up an anchor there, with Nate and I walking down the ladder, which has a lot less ice on it this year than last, and John rapping in.

Nate working the overhung, melted-wax, airy ice over the cave by anchor 2 in School Room (forgot to turn it - lol).

The ice on this area was wild, with lots of hollowed out pockets between melted-wax consistency ice - an M6 and a few WI4's. Even though it hung over a bit with little roofs, it wasn't too bad.

Self-Portrait from above New Funtier (the walk-in is washed out and you have to rap in).

I climbed 4 routes, and took pictures with John's camera - the battery on my Olympus died today, and I left the Canon in the room, so didn't get too many of my own. These are from the Oly before it died. John took some pics and I managed to get them on a thumb drive, but I don't want to abuse the internet here too bad, so I'll post them later from home.

So far fun fun fun. I'm holding out good, though I did fall off the last route I climbed while at the crux on the roof - my left hand totally pumped out. Oh, well, need to work endurance on that one for sure.