Angie's 123 Amazing Diet Plan

Well, it has helped her a great deal to lose an amazing amount of weight while staying healthy and growing more fit.

Rock climbing is to blame to some extent, but you need fuel, and starving yourself near unto death isn't going to cut it.

The plan works because you're getting plenty of macronutrients spaced out over a 4 day period, and it's been proven time and again that despite any food pyramid schemes that your body will store and process macronutrients as they come, and you don't have to eat them all in the same bowl.

Day 1:

5 meals of white meat and white fish with veggies, and over the day 1/2 cup starch (rice or grain or yam) and 1 plain salad (oil and vinegar okay).

Day 2:

All the fatty meat you want. Over the course of the day 1 plain salad.

Day 3:

6 meals of white meat, medium fat meat (salmon, halibut, dry pork, 99% fat-free beef), veggies, yams, dry salad and over the course of the day, one official 1 oz serving size of a whole grain cereal.


The recommended rotation is:

1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 etc. ad infinitum

You can switch it around a bit to force a day 3 when you have to go out to eat with family or other occasions.

If you need a more effective quick loss, it's better to double up your day 1's:


though Angie says this is dang tough.

Weight loss of 25 pounds or more in a year is not totally out of the question - more if you adjust your workout to suit this type of diet.

This is a simple adaptation of a type of carb-cycling diet done by Professional Natural Bodybuilders (this means no illegal drugs to make diet and exercise more effective - lol).

Anyway, hope that helps someone - I know a few of her friends have asked simple questions about it, so I decided to just post it once and call it good.