ECUADOR- Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

We had breakfast at the hacienda, then packed up stuff we would not be needing at Iliniza to leave there in storage, and got in our two SUV's. I left my big backpack, since on this trip we would never use them, and I left my hotel and flight bag inside it.

We drove to the gate to the national preserve and started hiking, while they took our stuff up.

We hiked up to 13,000' and found our camp all set up and waiting for us. We picked tents and I got a loner - good deal since I spread out so badly.

After lunch we set out up the trail to about 14,000' just to stretch our legs. We saw on lone condor. Cool and unusual (they usually travel in groups of two or so).

We got back, had supper, and since the sun goes down around 6pm every day of the year, turned in early.

I need to point out that the food was outstanding. Pepe and Javier were the main cooks and especially the "sopa de pepe" everything was excellent, tasty and appealing - even at altitude.