ECUADOR - Monday, November 24, 2008

Got up at 5:30, made a protein shake, rinsed out all my containers and packed them, packed dirty clothes from last night, took a shower, and hauled all my stuff down at 6:30 to the lobby. I had the breakfast, then went up to the room for last-minute cleanup, and checked out. My ride was waiting and I had an easy trip to the airport.

There I had typical Latin-American issues with customs and immigration, and to the tune of "last call" I ran to the gate, only to hear them announce it every 5 minutes for the next half hour. lol.

The plane was half-empty (or half-full) so we all got our own rows. I stretched out and snoozed some here and there, and took some cool pictures along the flight.

I remember how impacted I was on the way down by Panama - after reading a book about the Darien Gap earlier in the year. I got some shots of the Key West Airport in Florida.

In Atlanta customs and immigration were merely annoying and slow, but otherwise not bad. And here I am sitting typing waiting to fly to SLC.

(this whole series was typed on my Acer Aspire I purchased from Amazon while sitting in hotels, haciendas, and in the airports - the batteries really did last the whole trip)